2018 goals, and copy writing.

Although this blog is chiefly for my creative projects, I want to write about my experience working towards a career in copy writing. I miss working as a freelancer, and miss the freedom of taking mid-week walks. ALSO the thought of a career based on language is rather titillating.

Towards the end of last year, I signed up to study for a Diploma in Copywriting, lead by the Blackford Centre for Copywriting. I am over halfway through the course, and heartily thank it for improved spirits and mental function.

Prior to starting the course, I read blogs about copy writing, and looked at other copy writers’ websites. This helped me develop an understanding of what is expected and required of a copywriter.

After looking at various courses, I saw that the modules provided by the Diploma seemed to cover all of the areas I had read about. Another positive is that you have a personal tutor, who is a practicing copy writer.

After a serene Christmas break, I am going to continue my studies. I have two main goals for 2018: to finish the course, and to be working as a freelance copywriter. I keep telling myself that this IS possible, and that it WILL happen, blowing a raspberry to doubt and reticence.

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