I’ve got off my posterior (I’m performing again)

It’s been really wonderful performing again.

On Thursday, I read at the marvellous Open Door at Nook, NC. A wonderful crowd, a lovely venue, with a diverse range of performers, from musicians, to spoken-word artists.

Monday night, I read at the fantastic Verbose, at the resplendent Fred’s Ale House in my beloved Levenshulme. I’ve been a few times as a spectator, but this was my first as a performer. As per, the audience were generous and enthusiatic.

Photo credit: Jay Taylor

Both events felt like a time of connection. It really felt like the audiences responded to my work, and indeed a few people at both were ever so nice about my work after. This is a massive confidence boost to this confidence-deficient being.

I am really hungry to perform more, and have the aim of doing two performances a month. It is wonderful to do something I love, and also to support live literature by contributing, and being present on “the scene”. It feels like I have made a lot of progress in this regard, and am finally managing to move past fear, and silly inhibitions that are, essentially, destructive.

Bloody hard to do though, isn’t it?

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